Isaac Humanitarian Foundation or IHF as it is fondly referred to as is the brain child of Chief Isaac Amarachukwu. It is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) directed at helping humanity across Nigeria and elsewhere in other parts of the world. IHF was established in 2019 with its immediate attention in the health sphere of humanitarian activities. It is currently affiliated to health centres in the Middle East and Europe such as My Med Opinion, New Delhi, India where our beneficiaries are flown to in the event that hospitals in Africa are incapable of salvaging the medical situation. IHF is a sponsor to two academic Institutions in Nigeria, Comepass Prevarsity and Suxess Tuition Centre where IHF beneficiaries receive free academic training to acquire O-Level and A-Level certifications.

The President/Founder of IHF was a humanitarian from his nascent days, but his formal humanitarian activities flowed from the year 2019 when his third child was born, a special child with special needs. Chief Amarachukwu possessed, to the glory of God, the financial strength to cater for his daughter, Uriel Amarachukwu’s special needs, but he began to worry about other families that were in a similar situation and could not do anything to better the lot of their special children. It was in a bid to help these sorts of families that IHF was established in 2019. 

Towards the end of 2019, IHF began to delve into other spheres of humanitarian activities such as the supply of food palliatives to the impoverished, the granting of scholarships and the provision of necessities of life to impoverished rural areas. IHF has also duplicated office positions in all its state offices nationwide with the aim of creating employment for as many employment seekers as possible. 

Amid the lockdown occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic and the inability of students to go to school, IHF was the only NGO in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa, as far as we know that employed teachers to provide free online classes to secondary students in Nigeria using their Schemes of Work as the template for these classes. These classes are still on YouTube @isaac humanitarian foundation. In this era, IHF deemed it necessary to take youths off the streets and off crime by forming the IHF football team which has bagged several local and state trophies since inception.  

Following the relaxation of the lockdown and the resumption of conventional academic activities, IHF embarked on a mission to feed 10,000 students to celebrate the World Humanitarian Day. By the end of 2020, IHF had already surpassed her goals for the Humanitarian year. 

At the beginning of 2021, IHF embarked on a rampage of payment of school fees to orphans and the settlement of medical bills to the sick that do not have financial assistance. This situation became recurrent in the activities of IHF from the beginning of the year up until the Nigerian Children’s day celebration when the medical bills of a select number of children with varying medical challenges were catered for by the foundation, as it provided a stipend of ten thousand naira to each child to settle a part or all of the child’s medical bills 

To commemorate a successful humanitarian year, IHF is currently disbursing food items estimated at ten thousand naira per food bag with a 6.8 kg IHF branded bag of rice of high quality and another bag containing ingredients more than sufficient for the bag of rice. These 2 in 1 bags will get to 5000 people to cushion the effects of food shortage during the yuletide.