About The President


Chief Isaac Amarachukwu was born in the Ancient Udo CommunityMbaise, Imo state. He had his Primary education in Udo where he lived as a child. He also bagged his Junior WAEC certification in Udo after completing his Junior Secondary Education. 

Upon graduation from Junior Secondary School, he moved to Lagos where he bagged his O-Level certification haven completed his Senior Secondary Education with Army Children High School. 

After secondary education, Chief Amarachukwu had a brief spell with the telecommunications giant, MTN Nigeria from 2005-2008.

As an ambitious man with the desire to help humanity, he realized that the opportunities in Nigeria were meagre and to achieve his purpose in life, he needed a better platform. This, he found in the Middle East of Asia. 


Chief Amarachukwu resigned his employment with MTN and left for Asia for tertiary education and the pursuit of Greener Pastures. 

In the United Arab Emirates, after series of international trading as an unregistered international trader, he decided to establish his first business enterprise, Isaacs Global Concepts which majors in legitimate trading of commodities and services across borders.

On his first return to Nigeria from the UAE, he saw the untapped agricultural resources in his wife’s hometown of Benin where he first established a farm that covers several acres of land in the heart of Benin City, Edo State. 

To formalize his delve into the agricultural sector, he decided to establish Amarasaac Farms Ltd which boasts of two massive farms in Edo and Imo. These farms are involved in the cultivation of crops and livestock. 


In 2019, following the birth of his third child, a special child with special needs, he realized that there were families with children with special needs as well who did not have the financial strength to cater for the special needs of these children and thus he decided to establish the Isaac Humanitarian Foundation (IHF) to cater for the health needs of people. Today, IHF is known for not just providing health assistance, but saddled with the responsibility of providing educational assistance, food palliatives and skills acquisition programmes to the mass of impoverished Nigerians. 


Chief Amarachukwu is also the Chairman/CEO of Amarasaac Properties Ltd, a company that specializes in real estateAmarasaac Properties possesses and manages several properties such as hotels, short lease apartments, chain of stores and residential buildings

To the glory of God, all of these establishments are under an umbrella body, Amarasaac Group of companies Ltd with Chief Isaac Amarachukwu as the Chairman/Group Managing Director (GMD).